GLS LED globes (6W-15W)

Product Features:

  • Input voltage range: 176-264V AC 50/60Hz
  • Material: PBT, aluminium, plastic & PC
  • Diffuser: plastic
  • LED chips: 2835 LED
  • Power factor: ≥0.5
  • Ambient temp: -15 to 40°C
  • Not suitable for dimming


3 year replacement warranty

Model No.

6W: GLS13B, GLS14B, GLS15B, GLS16B

8W: GLS17B, GLS18B, GLS19B, GLS20B

10W: GLS9B, GLS10B, GLS11B, GLS12B, GLS29, GLS30

13W: GLS21B, GLS22B, GLS23B, GLS24B

15W: GLS25B, GLS26B, GLS27B, GLS28B

01.05.19 Amendment to Catalogue 2019: on page 330, in description, incorrect diffuser, should be plastic. GLS17B-20B(8W models) were omitted in the catalogue.

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